Anne Cornevin

Function : President of JSEMS
Current formation : Resident physician in Orthopedic surgery, Hirslanden La Colline, GE
Skills : Brain storming, networking
Activities : Climbing, skiing, running

Hanna Grogg

Function: Vice-President, Contact person Zurich
Current formation: Resident Physician in Internal Medicine, SRO Spital Langenthal BE
Skills: Communication, Technology, Social Media
Activities: Running, Gym training

Alexandra Tewes

Function : Vice-President, GOTS contact, mentoring program, contact person Zurich
Current Formation : Resident Physician, in Traumatology/Orthopedics surgery,  Spital Bülach, ZH
Skills : Communication, Presentations
Activities : Swimming, Skiing


Corina Bello

Function : JSEMS Blog, Contact Person St Gall
Current Formation : Resident Physician in anesthesiology, Grabs, Inselspital Bern, BE
Skills : Motivation, Research, Empathy, finding fullfilment in life ( with work specially)
Activities : Triathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Dancing

Alexandre Di Giuseppe

Function: Contact person Geneva
Current formation: 6th year medical student, University of Geneva, GE
Skills: Fiability, rigorousness, methodical curiosity, sports in General
Activities: Triathlon, soccer

Maria Jacomet

Function : Contact Person Lucerne
Current Formation : 5th year medical student, University of Lucerne, LU
Skills : Activity planning
Activities : Ski-mountaineering, Mountain Biking

Chloé Joray

Function: Contact person Bern
Current formation: Resident physician in Internal Medicine and General Surgery, Ospidal Scuol GR
Skills: Event organization, Social Media

Rahel König

Function: Contact Person Basel
Current Formation: Resident Physician in General Surgery, Tiefenau Hospital Bern, BE
Skill: Communication, Organization
Activities: Badminton,Hiking

Giovanni Liebich                  

Function: Contact person Tessin
Current Formation : Resident physician Hospital Bellinzona , TI
Activities : Athletics, mountain sports, cycling

Jenny Meier

Function : Contact person St Gallen
Current Formation : 5 th year medical student, University of St. Gallen, SG
Skills : Organization, planification, curiosity
Activities : Triathlon, Badminton, Gymnastics

Olivia Seiler

Function : Contact person Zurich
Current Formation : 6th year medical student, University of Zurich, ZH
Skills : Sport Event organization
Activities : Climbing, yoga, ski-mountaineering


Nicole Turuani

Function : Contact person Tessin
Current Formation : 6th Year medical student, University of Bern, BE
Skills : Organization
Activities : Passionate about rythmic gymnastics, Kitesurfing, Modern Dance

Sara Walder

Function: Contact person SWIMSA and ETH Zurich
Current Formation: 3rd year medical student, ETH Zurich, ZH
Skills: Connections, Dialogues, Organization
Activities: Rowing, Running, Weightlifting

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