Dr méd. German Clénin

Sportmedizinisches Zentrum Bern-Ittigen
Haus des Sports, Talgutzentrum 27
3063 Ittigen

Tél. 031 359 74 74
Fax 031 359 74 79
Twitter: @DrAthletesHlth

Dr méd. Doris Braun
Ressorts: Formation continue / Crédits, Congrès

Pädiatrische Endokrinologie
Promenade 4
7270 Davos Platz

Tél. 081 414 84 84

Dr méd. Boris Gojanovic
Ressorts: Journal, Newsletter, Social Media, International Relations

La Tour Sport Medicine
Hôpital La Tour
Av. J.-D. Maillard 3
1217 Meyrin

Tél. 022 719 65 65
Fax 022 719 65 66

Twitter: @DrSportSante

PD Dr méd. Dr phil. André Leumann
Ressorts: Formation postgraduée, examen, prix scientifique

Ortho-Praxis Leumann
Am Claraplatz / Claragraben 78
4058 Basel

Tél. 061 692 69 00
Twitter: @ortho_leumann


PD Dr méd. Christian Schmied
Ressorts: Science/Uni, prix scientifique, diplôme de formation approfondie interdisciplinaire

Kardiologisches Ambulatorium
Sportmedizin/Sportkardiologie "approved by Swiss Olympic" und "FIFA Medical center of Excellence"
Univ. Herzzentrum Zürich
Rämistr. 100
8091 Zürich

Tél. 044 255 34 78
Fax 044 255 16 16
Twitter: Chrigi_Schmied

Dr méd. Philippe Tscholl
Ressort: Congrès

Unité d'orthopédie et traumatologie du sport
Swiss Olympic medical Center HUG
Route de Loëx 99
1232 Confignon


I have been polysportive since my early childhood, and always enjoyed spreading the enthusiasm of physical activity as fitness instructor or now as sports physician.

Ever since finishing my medical degree, I have been active in Swiss professional ice hockey and its junior national teams as sports physician, in the futsal national team, in several European Youth Olympic festivals, and as FIFA doping control officer.

As senior consultant at the Geneva University Hospital for sports traumatology and knee surgery, former research assistant of F-MARC and member of the SEMS committee, I see it as my obligation to  teach the young generation of sports physicians pitch-side which includes also a meaningful scientific approach to sports medicine in our daily work, for the best of our patients.

Dr méd. Kerstin Warnke
Ressorts: Anti-Doping, formation postgraduée & examen, PR & Marketing

Sportmedizin Luzerner Kantonsspital
Sportgebäude Allmend
Zihlmattweg 46
6005 Luzern

Tél. 041 318 61 61
Fax 041 318 61 62

Since the age of 8 years I am doing sport at regular patterns. During adulthood I decided to study medicine and practizing sports medicine. I studied in Germany and Switzerland (Bale) and got double citizenship in 2006.
I took care of the german volleyball national teams from 1989 to 2004 and I am engaged in swiss elite sport since 1997.
Doing sport and being active is a necessity in my life.

Dr méd. Lukas Weisskopf
Ressort: Caissier

Altius Swiss Sportmed Center
Habich-Dietschy-Str. 5a
4310 Rheinfelden

Tél. 061 836 30 00
Fax 061 836 30 01

Dr. med. Lukas Weisskopf Orthopädischer Chirurg und Mitbegründer sowie leitender Arzt des Altius Swiss Sportmed Centers in Rheinfelden, welches sich auf die ganzheitliche Behandlung von Sportlern sämtlicher Leistungsstufen spezialisiert hat.
Er gilt als international renommierter Spezialist und Referent für Sehnenverletzungen insbesondere Achillessehnenverletzungen und gründete das erste und einzige Sehnenzentrum der Schweiz (SZS).
In der Funktion als Verbandsarzt von Swiss Ice Hockey, Swiss Curling und Swiss Handball war er Olympiaarzt in Vancouver 2010 und Sochi 2014.
Neben der Vorstandstätigkeit in der SEMS ist er Mitglied des Medical Boards von Swiss Ice Hockey und Präsident der GOTS (Gesellschaft für Orthopädie, Traumatologie und Sportmedizin) Schweiz und Vize-Präsident GOTS international.
2015 wurde er von der GOTS zum Sportarzt des Jahres gewählt.
Selber hat er auf Leistungsniveau Juniorennationalmannschaft und Nationalliga A Handball gespielt und war mehrfacher Schweizermeister im Poolbillard.

Dr méd. Nathalie Wenger
Ressorts: diplôme de formation approfondie interdisciplinaire, gestion des membres

Consultation SportAdo
Interdisciplinary Division for Adolescent Health (DISA)
Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)
av de la Sallaz 2
1005 Lausanne

Tél. 021 314 37 60

I'm been doing sport since my childhood with family. I first started competing in running, then in athletics and, for the last 15 years, I focused on triathlon. These are my specialties but I enjoy sports in general.
After specializing in Internal Medicine, I certified as a sport physician to take care of athletes in their entirety.
I currently work in Lausanne in the "SportAdo" Consultation, which is the first interdisciplinary consultation for adolescent athletes in Switzerland. We had the chance to take part in the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne (YOG DNA Lausanne 2020), where I contributed to designing and running the medical clinic of the Olympic Village. I would like to promote in Switzerland the global health of young athletes and teenagers in general.

Prof. Dr méd. Matthias Wilhelm
Ressorts: Science/Uni, Journal, International Relations

Präventive Kardiologie, Sport- und Bewegungsmedizin
Univ.-Klinik für Kardiologie
3010 Bern

Tél. 031 632 89 86
Fax 031 632 89 87

Justin Carrard
Ressort: Junior SEMS

Department für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit (DSBG)
Universität Basel
Birsstrasse 320B
4052 Basel

Twitter: @CarrardJustin

Justin Carrard aims to raise Sports & Exercise Medicine's awareness among Swiss medical students and the modern solutions it provides to big public health issues like non-communicable diseases. As an ex-competitive swimmer, Justin has a keen interest for endurance sports and regularly practices them with passion. Moreover, he is the president of Junior SEMS and coordinates the BJSM Swiss Junior Doctors and Undergraduate Perspective Blog Series.

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